Hillock Green Condo by Yanlord Group UED Alpha Close to Health Care Services


Living at Hillock Green Condo means having access to excellent healthcare services. The Polyclinic and Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, both located nearby, guarantee that medical help is easily attainable. These acclaimed facilities mean that Hillock Green is a truly remarkable place to reside.

United Engineers Limited (UEL), a subsidiary of Yanlord Land Group Limited, has successfully acquired a residential site at Lentor Central for revelopment into Hillock Green Condo. This acquisition, made through fully owned unit UED Alpha Pte. Ltd, was disclosed by Yanlord in a stock exchange filing. On Monday (Sep 19), the real estate developer announced that one of its indirect subsidiaries, along with two other entities, had won the residential site tender at Hillock Green.

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Hillock Green stands out as one of the top residential areas in Singapore due to its modern conveniences, expansive green spaces, top-notch connectivity, vibrant history, and strong community spirit. These features make it not just a great place to live, but a home. With such tremendous amenities, it is no surprise that Hillock Green is held in high acclaim. From its sustainable, vibrant atmosphere to its unparalleled quality of life, Hillock Green is a model of the modern urban environment.
The transport infrastructure is further complemented by an expanding network of footpaths and cycle ways, making Hillock Green an ideal environment for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Hillock Green stands out not only for its convenient transportation network, but also for the thoughtful planning that has integrated it into the surrounding landscape and residential areas without excessive noise or air pollution. An ever-growing network of footpaths and bike paths further contributes to the area’s appeal, making it an ideal place for pedestrians and cyclists alike.
Located in the heart of Singapore, Jing Shan Primary School prides itself on its holistic education that has been specially curated to meet the ever-changing needs of children.

Jing Shan Primary School is renowned for its high-quality academic and co-curricular offerings, which cultivate a lasting passion for learning in its students. Situated in the center of Singapore, the school takes great pride in its comprehensive curriculum, tailored to the constantly evolving requirements of today’s children.

Anderson Serangoon Junior College is a top-tier institution that provides superior post-secondary education, and is situated in the vicinity of Lentor.

When selecting a place to live, the educational institutions in the vicinity are also a major factor to consider. Hillock Green Condo is in close proximity to some of the best schools in Singapore, like the Anderson Serangoon Junior College and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School. Living in such a location will guarantee young people a top-notch education and the opportunity to flourish in a supportive atmosphere.

Tucked away in the Lentor area of Hillock Green lies a peaceful residential area that oozes Singapore’s unique urban atmosphere – Lentor Town. A major draw of the Hillock Green location is its impressive transportation networks, offering well-planned and robust connectivity that makes every part of Singapore easily accessible, thus improving the quality of life for its inhabitants.

In Hillock Green, the transportation network has been carefully integrated with the town’s green spaces. This plan includes pathways designed for pedestrians and cycling routes, thereby encouraging healthier, Champions Way Condo more environmentally-friendly commuting. Such green connectivity provides many benefits for the people of Lentor, enhancing their quality of life.

Within Ang Mo Kio Town, there are a number of educational institutions that are known for their high academic standards and comprehensive approach to student growth. At the primary education level, Ang Mo Kio Primary School and Jing Shan Primary School are widely admired for their rigorous programmes and diverse extra-curricular activities, resulting in an exceptionally stimulating atmosphere for young learners.

Tucked away in the center of Hillock Green Condominiums is a treasure trove of history and vibrancy: Ang Mo Kio Town. An active residential and commercial hub, the location of Hillock Green is a prime example of Singapore’s forward-thinking urbanization and design. With its comprehensive array of amenities, convenient transport network, abundant history, and supportive community, Ang Mo Kio Town is an incredible place to call home.
The mall also boasts a well-stocked bookstore, a pharmacy, banks, salons, and even a cinema. Residents of Hillock Green also have easy access to a range of recreational and leisure activities. The mall features a lower ground floor that houses a gym, squash court, and bowling alley – giving residents the perfect opportunity to keep fit and have fun. With its unique offering and convenient location, Greenwich V is the ideal place for Hillock Green Condo residents to shop, dine, and play.

At the heart of Hillock Green lies Greenwich V, a one-of-a-kind retail and lifestyle center nearby. Its village-like atmosphere creates a unique shopping experience for Hillock Green Condo residents. Greenwich V includes numerous stores including Cold Storage for groceries, Paradise Hotpot for a tasty meal, and Raffles Medical for healthcare needs. Furthermore, the mall features a variety of restaurants that serve both local and international cuisine. Hillock Green Condo inhabitants can easily satisfy their cravings anytime. There is also a bookstore, pharmacy, banks, salons, and a cinema. In addition, Hillock Green Condo residents have access to a plethora of recreational and leisure activities in the mall. A lower ground floor encompasses a gym, squash court, and bowling alley – which provides Hillock Green Condo residents with the perfect opportunity to stay fit and have a good time. With its unique offerings and convenient location, Greenwich V is the ideal spot for Hillock Green Condo inhabitants to shop, dine, and play.

Promising plans for the future of Lentor Town’s transportation network are underway. Steady improvements and developments by the Land Transport Authority make it their mission to guarantee that 80% of homes will be within a ten-minute walk of a train station. This is a strong sign of the government’s continuing effort to make public transport more accessible to the public.

Heading to an area pub or bar? Hillock Green residents know that The Summerhouse at Seletar Aerospace Park is a great option for a lovely dining and drinking experience. The Colonial bungalow, surrounded by lush greenery, provides a unique atmosphere that is sure to delight. Alternatively, why not check out the al fresco bar at Wheeler’s Estate for a casual drink? Enjoy a craft beer or one of their signature cocktails in a wonderful outdoor setting.

Hillock Green boasts a superb transport infrastructure comprising of the North-South MRT line and an extensive bus network. The Ang Mo Kio MRT Orchard Boulevard Condo station, at the heart of the town, facilitates easy and effortless commute across Hillock Green and to other parts of Singapore. This reliable transport system helps to ensure that every corner of this town is well connected, ensuring speedy and comfortable travel.

The URA Master Plan by Yanlord Land Group for Hillock Green envisages a future that is buzzing with life and well-being. Connectivity, housing, amenities, greenery and heritage will be improved to give the districts’ occupants a heightened quality of life, while still preserving its unique traits. Residents will enjoy better access to transportation, a variety of living options, upgraded services, increased natural spaces and recognition of the area’s long standing culture. In sum, the URA Master Plan for Hillock Green is a blueprint for an enriched, liveable and distinctive precinct.

Residents of Hillock Green appreciate the close proximity of numerous shopping malls. These malls offer a diverse selection of retail, dining, and entertainment venues, making them great destinations that fulfill a range of lifestyle requirements.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has the intention of introducing new residential sites in Hillock Green, in order to provide potential inhabitants with more housing choices. These plans are designed with convenience and accessibility as priorities, with the aim to make sure that various facilities and services are in a convenient and accessible reach. Moreover, the new housing areas will be constructed with an aim to encourage a sense of neighborhood bonding and strengthen the ties of the people of Hillock Green.

Hillock Green is also renowned for its Chong Boon Market & Food Centre, a popular spot amongst locals seeking a true Singaporean hawker cuisine experience. Popular dishes like Laksa, Chicken Rice, and Char Kway Teow can all be savoured here.

The Master Plan includes plans to improve existing amenities around Hillock Green. For example, the Yio Chu Kang stadium is being upgraded to offer improved sporting facilities for residents. Additionally, the surrounding area will be developed into a sports and community hub featuring an integrated community and lifestyle hub, hawker centre, and community club.

Nanyang Polytechnic is a tertiary institution that provides a wide selection of diploma courses and industry-oriented training, found near to both Lentor and Yio Chu Kang. With its commitment to innovation and meeting the demands of industry, the polytechnic has been able to sustain the relevance and excellence of the courses that it provides. The institution also provides students with a holistically enriching experience and provides them with the necessary skills and confidence to enter the workforce with a competitive edge.

The URA Master Plan seeks to maintain the rich heritage of these districts. Hillock Green, for example, which had formerly been the site of pepper and gambier plantations, as well as Yio Chu Kang, which was renowned for its poultry farms, will have their past histories commemorated so as to preserve the stories and become a part of the area’s promising future.

For food aficionados, Hillock Green offers many restaurants catering to a variety of palates. At Greenwich V, diners can treat themselves to Paradise Hotpot, a shared dining experience where fresh ingredients are cooked in flavorful soup bases. For a more western spin, Cedele serves up sandwiches, pasta, and pastries. Seletar Mall offers Japanese foodies Sushi Express and those who enjoy Thai delicacies can visit ThaiExpress.

For those who prefer the convenience of driving, Hillock Green is a great choice. Located near major expressways such as the Seletar Expressway (SLE) and Central Expressway (CTE), residents can easily and quickly access both the Northern and Southern parts of Singapore. Furthermore, commuting to the Central Business District (CBD) is made easy and direct thanks to these expressways. In addition, residents of Hillock Green will also benefit from the well-laid network of arterial roads that runs through Lentor Town, providing smooth and hassle-free local commute.

The attractions of Hillock Green Condo are many, with its extensive amenities being a major draw. Shopping centers such as Ang Mo Kio Hub offer locals a broad choice of retail options. Whether it is groceries, clothing, or electronics, the Hub has it all. Moreover, Hillock Green boasts an enticing assortment of food outlets that range from local hawker centers to international eateries. Thus, Hillock Green Condo provides something to please all tastes.

For those in search of a bigger shopping experience, Ang Mo Kio Hub – just a hop away from Hillock Green – is the place to be. This lively shopping centre is full of retail activities and provides a wide range of services. From clothing retailers to bookstores, electronic outlets to a movie theatre, it is an ideal spot for a family day out. With plenty of eateries and restaurants in the mall, there is something to offer for all tastes and budgets for Hillock Green’s inhabitants.

The transformation of the former Seletar West Farmway into a community farming hub is a noteworthy green initiative. Residents of Hillock Green can rent farming plots and participate in farming-related activities, aiming to nurture community spirit and advance sustainable living.

The residents of Hillock Green Condo are fortunate to have access to extensive green spaces, allowing them to take advantage of outdoor activities. A highlight of this is the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, the largest urban park in Singapore, providing the perfect spot for a leisurely bike ride, a jog, or even a picnic by the river. These green areas increase the quality of life, creating a sense of serenity within the hustle and bustle of the city.
The curriculum is based on an understanding of the importance of developing 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy. This educational approach focuses on personal growth and provides students with the necessary tools to become responsible, engaged citizens.

At Presbyterian High School, we are committed to providing a holistic education that advances academic success, character formation, and leadership skills. With an emphasis on developing 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy, our curriculum is designed to foster personal growth and equip students with the tools to become responsible, informed members of society.

The main purpose of the URA Master Plan for Hillock Green at Yio Chu Kang is to boost the liveliness and vibrancy of the residential areas, and yet retain their unique identity. The local residents of these two precincts stand to benefit from enhanced links, new housing choices, improved facilities, and green spaces, all of which are designed to enhance the quality of life.

The residents of Hillock Green Lentor Central are privy to a wealth of gastronomic and leisure options at their fingertips. Whether it is indulging in a hearty meal in a restaurant, unwinding in a cozy pub, or enjoying an aromatic cup of coffee – Hillock Green offers something for everyone. The rich food and beverage scene in this area reflects the dynamic and lively life its inhabitants are immersed in.

The Lentor MRT Station in Hillock Green is an essential part of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system in Singapore, providing quick and easy access to various destinations around the city. From the central business district to Orchard Road for shopping, and even to Marina Bay Sands for a fun day out, the MRT system ensures efficient transportation to anywhere you need to go.

CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School is one of the top schools for girls in Singapore, renowned for its robust academic performance and overall focus on instilling qualities of character and leadership. It is a place where young girls can grow and excel, supported by a strong sense of community and school spirit.
It places emphasis on instilling values, such as respect, kindness, and responsibility. Students at Yio Chu Kang Primary School receive a holistic education, which includes physical and mental development.

Yio Chu Kang Primary School is highly regarded for its intensive academic program and its emphasis on values-driven learning. Here, students are taught the importance of respect, kindness, and responsibility in order to prepare them to become responsible and proactive learners. In addition to providing a rigorous education, the school also offers physical and mental development opportunities to help develop their all-rounded capabilities.
UEL, the Yanlord Land Group subsidiary which led the successful bid, will own a 80% stake in the land, with the remaining share held equally by other two entities. UED Alpha Pte. Ltd will be the vehicle for the acquisition of the site and for subsequent developments.

United Engineers Limited (UEL), a subsidiary of Yanlord Land Group Limited, has acquired a residential site at Lentor Central through its fully owned unit, UED Alpha Pte. Ltd. UEL won a tender, along with two other entities, to develop Hillock Green Condo, as revealed in a stock exchange filing by Yanlord. According to Yanlord, UEL will own an 80% share of the land, with the other two entities holding a 10% stake each. UED Alpha Pte. Ltd will be the entity used for the acquisition of the Hillock Green site and subsequent revelopment.

Hillock Green Condo residents who enjoy a scenic ride to their destinations are served well by an extensive bus network in addition to the MRT. The Lentor Bus Stop and Yio Chu Kang Bus Interchange, located just a few kilometers away, provide a multitude of bus services that run on well-planned routes, making every corner of Lentor Town easily accessible.

Hillock Green is set to become a much more connected neighbourhood, thanks to the upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). The TEL will intersect with Hillock Green at Lentor MRT station, enabling residents of the area to travel with greater ease to both the east and the west of Singapore. Moreover, the planned Cross Island Line (CRL) will further improve Hillock Green’s connectivity. This will make it easier than ever for passengers to get to Tuas, Jurong, and Changi, among other places.

Singapore Condo, also known as condominium, is a popular residential option in Singapore. It is a type of housing where individual units or apartments are owned by individuals and the common areas are jointly owned and maintained by all residents. These condos offer a luxurious and convenient lifestyle for its residents, with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and 24-hour security. One highly sought-after development is Parktown Residences, which offers modern and stylish units in a prime location. With its strategic location and impressive range of facilities, Parktown Residences promises to be an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated and comfortable living experience in Singapore.

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