Realizing Holistic Living with Tengah EC: An Executive Condominium in Tengah Garden Walk

Tengah is Singapore’s first smart estate, a garden city of the future. The development of Tengah EC, an executive condominium located in Tengah Garden Walk, is part of this smart estate’s larger vision for a holistic living experience.

Tengah EC is a luxurious residential property that combines modern living with nature-inspired elements. Residents of the condominium can enjoy a range of amenities, including a gym, swimming pool, and community clubhouse. The condominium also boasts a unique feature: a 12-metre-high vertical forest, which is a great way to bring nature into an urban environment.

The development of Tengah EC is a perfect example of how technology can be used to improve quality of life. It is designed to be an environmentally-friendly and sustainable development. Residents can enjoy a healthy lifestyle, with Tengah EC featuring green spaces and walking trails. Additionally, the condominium is equipped with smart home technology, allowing residents easy access to energy-efficient systems.

Another great feature of Tengah EC is its close proximity to amenities and public transport. Residents can easily access the nearby Tengah MRT station, as well as nearby shopping malls, restaurants, and parks. This makes it easy for residents to access the services they need, while still being able to enjoy the tranquillity of their condominium.

In addition to its convenient location, Tengah EC also offers a range of lifestyle options. The condominium has a wide range of activities available for residents to enjoy, from yoga classes to movie nights. Residents can also take advantage of the condominium’s food delivery services to enjoy delicious meals without having to leave their homes.

Tengah EC is a great example of how holistic living can be achieved in a modern setting. By combining modern technology and nature-inspired elements, the condominium offers a convenient, comfortable, and sustainable living experience for its residents. Residents can enjoy the tranquillity of their condominium, while still having easy access to amenities and public transport. In addition, the condominium offers a myriad of lifestyle options that allow residents to live a healthy and balanced life. Tengah EC is the perfect place to realize holistic living.

Living a holistic life is an aspiration of many in the modern world. With the advancement of technology, people are getting more and more disconnected from nature, leading to a sense of disconnection and dissatisfaction. This is why many people are now embracing the concept of holistic living and striving to live a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Tengah EC is an Executive Condominium located in the lush Tengah Garden Walk. It is designed to provide a holistic living experience to its residents. Built with nature-inspired materials such as wood, stone, and clay, the development offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also providing its occupants with the peace and tranquility of the outdoors.

The development is designed to provide its residents with an abundance of amenities, including a fitness centre, swimming pool, playground, basketball court, and more. These amenities are designed to help promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage residents to take part in outdoor activities.

The development also offers a wide range of unique features to help residents make the most of their living space. For example, the Tengah EC’s rooftop terrace is designed to be an outdoor sanctuary where residents can relax and enjoy the fresh air. There is also an indoor garden which provides residents with a tranquil space to reconnect with nature.

The development also provides a wide range of green features, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient appliances. These features are designed to help reduce the environmental impact of Tengah EC the development and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

In addition, the development offers its residents a wide range of amenities to help promote their holistic living experience. For example, the development’s community centre is designed to provide a space where residents can meet and socialize. There is also a library and community garden which provide residents with a place to read, relax, and explore their creative side.

The development also provides its residents with access to a wide range of educational and cultural activities. There are regular workshops and seminars held at the community centre, as well as art classes and music lessons. These activities are designed to help promote a sense of community and foster an appreciation for the environment.

Finally, the development also provides its residents with a wide range of lifestyle services. These services include a concierge service, housekeeping, and laundry services. These services are designed to help make life easier for its residents and provide them with a comfortable and convenient living experience.

In conclusion, Tengah EC is an Executive Condominium located in the lush Tengah Garden Walk. It is designed to provide a holistic living experience to its residents. The development offers a wide range of amenities and green features, as well as lifestyle services, to help promote its residents’ holistic living experience. With its lush surroundings, abundance of amenities, and commitment to sustainability, Tengah EC is the perfect place to realize your dream of holistic living.

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